SaaS MVP Engineering

So you have this idea for a SaaS product, you even have a prototype ready. You might even have a first couple of users, and a feature list that is growing daily.

All good and well, but how will you monitor your application, so that you'll know something went wrong before your users know? How are you going to setup recurring payments for your application? What kind of analytics will you install so you can learn what your individual users are doing with your application? What do you need to build yourselves, what can be leveraged from elsewhere?

SaaS MVP Engineering Bootcamp

 In 2 days, you, together with a colleague, will build an MVP (minimal viable product) for a SaaS product. Not only will you build the product, you’ll learn how to setup all infrastructure you need to attract, service, support and bill your first customers. Under the guidance of seasoned experts, you will combine Leading Edge Web Application Frameworks, Web Services and ton’s of open source libraries to end up with a working piece of software, online, all wired and fired up.

You’ll build a multitennant Twitter Dashboard: given a set of keywords, the dashboard will show, in real time, the incoming tweets, plot them on a map and show some basic statistics on those tweets. You will instrument your application with user analytics to understand how users are using your product.  You’ll setup automated billing to receive money from your customers. And last but not least, you’ll be doing your first steps in lifecycle marketing, an essential skill for each SaaS entrepreneurs.


Day 1:

9:00-10:30: Welcome +  intro to SaaS + intro into the app we’ll be building and the stack we will be using
10:30-12:00: Hello world: Your first hello world, developed locally and deployed to the cloud - a bit of styling with twitter bootstrap
12:30 - 13:30: Lunch
13:30-15:30: user accounts - connecting to Twitter - showing a twitter time line
15:30-17:00: testing, continuous integration, the power of different environments (and vagrant and the likes)

Day 2:

9:10:30: instrument your app with analytics - GA and Intercom - first contact with life cycle marketing - welcoming new users - focus on onboarding
10:30:12:30: Signing up users on different pricing plans -
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30:15:30: sending and tracking transactional mails
15:30-17:00: wrap up, lessons learned and feedback


1500 euro (exc. VAT) for a 2 person team. As a Flanders based SME, you might be entitled to receive subsidies, contact us for details.


April 22nd and 23rd 2015.

Pre-requisites for participants:

  • Basic knowledge of html, css, javascript
  • Basic knowledge of backend programming (web applicants, routing, MVC pattern, etc…)
  • git installed, github account
  • Node.js and Meteor.js are a plus

Course material.

For each of the block in the course, starting code will be provided through github, so you don't get stuck. Detailed walk throughs, links to supporting video's, articles and material will be provided per lesson.


Via this link .

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